Daily Wrap Up > Building Admin and Building Staff Users Not Able to Switch Between Sites/Districts

There is a known issue with the site switch function for Building Admin and Building Staff Users who have one or more building assignments in two or more districts. A user that meets that criteria can only change between sites that are in the same district as their currently selected one (if they don’t have DA access). If a user would like to change districts to login into a different building, they will first have to log out.

For example, a user might have the following District and Building assignments: 

  • District A, Building 1
  • District A, Building 2
  • District B, Building 3
  • District B, Building 4

Upon logging in for the first time, users will see a list of all building assignments (Buildings 1-4) associated with their account. If a user selects Building 4 (part of District B) and then wants to change the building they are viewing, they can click the site switch icon from the Menu on the top left side of the screen. The only option they will see will be to switch to Building 3 which is also a part of District B. If the user would like to view a building in District A (Building 1 or 2), they will first have to log out and re-login to see the full list of buildings they have access to. 



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