CNCentral > Why Does My Label Have Different Information Than What's in CNCentral via GDSN?

Data that comes into CNCentral via GDSN is always the most current information for the product as it is directly provided by and updated by the manufacturer. When data is entered by the manufacturer into GDSN, it automatically updates the data for that item in CNCentral with no additional data entry on the part of the menu planner. Additionally, the data in GDSN is the ACTUAL data for an item. That data may not always match up with what is displayed on a nutrition facts label because manufacturers often round nutrition information such as calories to the nearest 5 or 10 on labels. This is an acceptable practice according to the FDA as long as it follows FDA's guidance for rounding. An example would be an item that actually has 127 calories but the label was rounded to 130 calories. If you have a label that is slightly different than what you're seeing for that item in GDSN this may be the reason. 

Another reason why data on a label may be different than what's in GDSN could be due to having an old label. If you are concerned about the data in CNCentral not matching what's on a label, please reach out to your inTEAM consultant or contact our help desk.  


For information on FDA's labeling guidance as it refers to rounding, see Appendix H from the link below:


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