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CNCentral has expanded to offer a webpage that is available to the general public (no login required) so anyone can search pre-created recipes from some of the biggest brand names in the industry. 

The website for the recipes public search is

Upon arriving at the website for the first time, all end-users will be asked to agree to our terms of use and privacy statement by clicking the "Accept" button.


Displayed will be all recipes available from a variety of different sources which include but are not limited to USDA Standardized Recipes, Manufacturer Recipes, and Dairy Council Recipes. From this main page you'll see an overview of each recipe and the following information at a glance: Name, Sources, Brand, Meal Session, Category, Meal Components and Allergies. 

To Get Started Searching Recipes:

Use the filters across the top of the screen or enter a key word into the search box. The keyword search will search on recipe name. For you convenience, all recipes have been named to include the manufacturer, source, or both with the name of the actual recipe. 



Viewing Recipe Details:

When you've found a recipe you're interested in reviewing or printing, click on the recipe name. 


Toggle between the Recipe Info, Ingredients & Directions, and Nutrients & Meal Components tabs to view the information contained within. Each tab will have the following information:

  • Recipe Info Tab - Recipe name, recipe number, meal session, weight and/or measure, yield, recipe category and HAACP category
  • Ingredients & Directions Tab - Ingredients with total weight and or measure and inventory needed for each, directions and notes provided by the manufacturer or source
  • Nutrients & Meal Components Tab - Nutrition facts for a single serving, meal components for a single serving, allergens contained in the recipe, and a breakdown of meal components and nutrition by ingredient


Scaling and Printing Recipes:

After reviewing the information for the recipe, if you decide you'd like to print this recipe, click the SCALE & PRINT button on the top right side of your screen.


Enter the yield you'd like this recipe scaled to (optional). CNCentral will scale all ingredient quantities based on the entered yield. Enter your *email address and click the VIEW REPORT button. mceclip5.png 

View the report and export to a file type of your choice by clicking on the disk icon drop-down and selecting a file format. Follow your computers instructions for printing. mceclip6.png

*Note: Your email is required to run the recipe report. Users are limited to 10 reports/downloads per day per email address. 

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