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Up to date as of 11/2021

Entering your planned Adult and A La Carte numbers directly affects your districts forecast used for ordering purposes. If you serve Adult or A La Carte meals at your building, a best practice would be to have your planned Adult and A La Carte numbers finalized at the same time you finalize your student planned portions at least 6 weeks prior to production for accurate forecasting and ordering.

The Adult and A La Carte planned numbers entered into the production tab will also inform and pre-populate the Post-Production Tab of the production record. 

To enter daily or weekly Adult and A La Carte planned numbers: 

  1. Login to CNCentral
  2. Navigate to the Menu Calendar module by clicking on it from the left side black menu bar mceclip0.png
  3. Use the filters on the top of the menu calendar to filter for the correct building, meal session, and date. Note: If you are a District Admin (DA) user or a Building Admin (BA) user with multiple buildings, you'll need to toggle between the different buildings. If you are a BA user and only manage a single building, you will not need to switch between buildings, only meal sessions. mceclip1.png
  4. Go to the Production Record for the weekly menu you'll be entering Adult and A La Carte planned numbers for by clicking the "Production Record" hyperlink of the appropriate day/week. Note: You can also get to the Production Record for a daily/weekly menu by clicking on the "Menu" hyperlink then clicking on the View PR button on the top right hand side of your menu worksheet. This workflow may be more efficient if you are updating your Student Planned Portions at the same time as entering your Adult and A La Carte planned portions. For information on how to update your student planned portions from the menu calendar, click Here. mceclip0.png
  5. Enter your planned Adult and A La Carte portions for each item displayed on the Production Tab of the Production Record. Note: Boxes left blank will indicate 0 planned meals.
  6. Click the Save button when all data has been entered. mceclip1.png
  7. Repeat as necessary for each day of the week. You can go to other days of the week by clicking on the daily tabs or by going back to the Menu Calendar and clicking on the Production Record link on another day of the week.
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