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Updated as of 12/2021

*Note: There is Vendor Item Upload which uploads Purchase Options along with all items into the local Item Database. This article details how to manually complete this process and bypass the upload function and assumes the item already exists in the users local Item Database. 

From the local Item Database: 

  1. Click on the Item that you wish to add a Purchase Option to
  2. Click on the Purchase Options tab
  3. Click on the existing Purchase Option from the list
    1. Note: Most items that are searched for via the K-12 Data Exchange should have pre-configured but incomplete Purchase Options. If the item doesn't have any listed Purchase Options, you can create one by clicking on the blue plus sign on the bottom right hand side of the screen and selecting + Custom Defined button
  4. Fill in the following information: 
    1. Vendor - Select from the drop down list a Vendor to assign to this item
      1. Note: For the Vendor to appear on the drop down list, that Vendor must first have been created and configured in the Vendors module
      2. Note: If you purchase an item from more than one Vendor, you can create more than one Purchase Option for an individual Item. Details for how to do this can be found here
    2. Item Name - The Item Name is used for inventory management purposes and should correspond to how this item is referred to for inventory management purposes
    3. Item Description - Enter the description of this item as provided by the Vendor you purchase it from (or you can leave this as it's default)
    4. Pack Size - Enter a pack size if one is not pre-populated (ex: 160/1 oz for an item that is 1 oz each and comes 160 per case)
    5. Vendor Product ID - Enter the product code your Vendor uses when ordering this item
    6. Procurement Category - Select from the drop down list the procurement category for this item if one has not been pre-selected
    7. District ID - Enter your districts number for this item if your district has an internal numbering system that is different than the Vendor Product ID
    8. Select the USDA Commodities Food flag if applicable
    9. Add a price
      1. Click the Add Price button
      2. Select from the drop down list the contract that this price applies to (if applicable) 
        1. Note: In order for contracts to appear, they will first have to have been entered by Vendor in the Vendors module.
        2. Note: If the Vendor for the item is not read-only, click the Save button to save the Vendor to this item. The Vendor has to be associated with the item in order for the contracts to appear.
      3. Enter a price
      4. Click the Save & Close button of the Add Price flyout
    10. Click over to the Inventory Setup Tab
    11. Make any adjustments necessary to reflect the actual Inventory setup of this item
      1. Note: How an items Inventory Setup is configured will affect how this item displays in your Inventory reports and it's important to configure this accurately according to how you account for this item in storage.
    12. When all Inventory Setup is correctly configured for this Purchase Option, click the Confirm Values flag
    13. Click the Save & Close button on the top right hand side of your screen to save all changes to this item's Purchase Unit data and return back to the Item Detail page
      1. Note: The default is to see only the Save button and not the Save & Close button. You will have to click the drop down and select Save & Close if you want to save the data and close the Purchase Unit detail to return to the Item Detail page



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