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Once Vendors have been created and configured in CNCentral, you are able to add and manage Contracts by Vendor. Each Contract will have a list of prices for Purchase Units currently under that Contract which can then be used to assign pricing to the Purchase Unit currently under contract. Contracts have start and end dates to account for new contracts entered into. 

If Vendors have not yet been created and configured, refer to this article for setting up Vendors in the Vendors module. 

Note: Only users with DA (District Administrator) level access will be able to perform the functions below. 

To Set Up a New Contract: 

  1. Navigate to the Vendors module from the left side black navigation panel
  2. Click on the Vendor name you'll be creating a new Contract for
  3. Click the +New Contracts button
  4. From the Add Contract flyout, enter: 
    1. Contract # - The contract number as provided by the Vendor (this field is alphanumeric)
    2. Start Date - The date at which the contract and pricing contained within starts
    3. End Date - The date at which the contract pricing is no longer valid 
  5. Click the Save & Close button of the Add Contract flyout
    1. Note: you cannot have two contracts that overlap in time and the end date must be after the start date or you will not be able to save your Contract
  6. Repeat as necessary for each Contract you have with this Vendor

For information on adding pricing to Purchase Units, click here. 

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