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Sites setup within CNCentral that are Production Only Sites (site produces items that are served and claimed at other sites) or Hybrid Sites (site produces and serves its own meals while also producing meals that are served at other sites) will automatically have Roll-Up Production Records generated for any instance where multiple site menus to be produced at the Production Only or Hybrid site exists. The Roll-Up Production Record will allow the user to see the sum of all the quantities planned and served across all sites, while also maintaining individual quantities from each Serving Site. It also serves as a record of the production of items to be served at a site that is different than the production site. 

Roll-Up Production Records are found from the Menu Calendar of the building preparing the meals. Users will not see a corresponding menu for Roll-Up Production Records like you would see for a regular (non Roll-Up) menu. Other at a glance stats are not available for Roll-Up Production Records with the exception of the completion status of a Roll-Up Production Record. 



Roll-Up Production Record - Production Tab

The Production Tab of a Roll-Up Production Record will list all of the menu items found on the menus of it's associated serving sites for a specific meal session and week. Each item on the Roll-Up Production Record will have a caret to the left of the item that can be expanded to see more detailed information about how many servings of a particular item are to be prepared for which associated site. 
The Original Planned Portions for each item viewable from the Roll-Up Production Record are populated from the values entered into the Planned Servings sections from the associated individual sites Menu Calendar for each item. The Roll-Up Production Record shows this planned number for each item for each building and provides a sum across all buildings. 
From the expanded view of an item and under the Prepared Portions column, users can manually enter/edit the amount being delivered/served to each individual Serving Site. If an edit is made, the associated site's Production Record will get updated with this alternate value in the Post Production Tab under the Prepared Portions column automatically. Additionally, users can also enter a note to communicate to the individual site any discrepancy between what was planned and what was prepared/sent. Notes are viewable in the Production Record Reports and from the Post Production Tab of the associated individual site.


Roll-Up Production Record - Inventory Tab

The Inventory Tab of a Roll-Up Production Record serves as a list of the items that the production kitchen will need to pull from inventory for the given menu plans from the individual sites. The Inventory Tab will only list items or ingredients along with the quantities that are required to meet the planned number of servings. 

Items and Ingredients will be listed out by name and quantity needed (# IUs Pulled) and include the Inventory Unit value, Servings Planned across all individual sites, and Servings/IU.  If a single Item/Ingredient is listed multiple times on the menu (mainly for Recipe Ingredients) and they have the same selected Purchase Unit Option and Inventory Unit, then the Inventory Tab will display a sum of the total # of IUs Pulled across all places that Item/Ingredient is used on the menu.  If the multiples of the same Items have different PU Options/IUs on the menu, then they will be listed as separate Items.

Each item can be expanded to display the different Recipes that the Item is contained in, along with the Servings Planned, Servings/IU, and # IUs Pulled related to each of the main items. 


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