NEW SAP Litmos Learners User Guide

The information below can also be downloaded as a user guide by clicking on the  User Guide link at the bottom of this article. Video tutorial found here

SAP Litmos – inTEAM’s NEW eLearning System

Steps to Start Learning – Logging In

  1. Go to
  2. Enter your initial username and password:
    1. Your initial username is your email address
    2. Your initial password is Inteam1234!
  3. Upon logging in for the first time, you will need to select a new password mceclip0.png
    1. Passwords must be at least 8 characters and have at least 1 uppercase letter, 1 lower case letter, 1 number, and 1 special character – ex: Password123$
  4. Click the Reset button and continue into your SAP Litmos eLearning account! 

Note: You will only go through step 3 once. Once you have your new password set, you’ll simply go to the website in step 1 and enter your username and the password you created in step 3.

Steps to Start Learning – Taking Courses

  1. You will see a Welcome message. You can exit out of this message or select the Continue to My Dashboard button, but the Welcome message will continue to reappear until you deselect the checkmark at the bottom of the box to disable it.                        mceclip1.png
  2. From your Home tab, scroll down to see your Training Metrics, Required Courses (Civil Rights is your only required course), any new News Announcements, your Recent Achievements, and your Recently Viewed Courses.

Note: Your Required Courses are found from your Home Dashboard but, you will still have access to all of your optional courses from your Content Library.



  1. Click on the Course Box or Course Name to view the course content (Modules). Click the Start this Course button to take.  mceclip7.png
  1. Click the play button to launch the Module. Depending on your computers pop-up blocker, you’ll see either of these icons to launch the Module. Enjoy Learning!


Other Features and Functionality

  1. You can view all optional Courses available to you in the Content Library. These Courses can be filtered by Topic if desired.


  1. You can locate your certificates and see your progress towards completing your Professional Standards Training in the Achievements tab. Likewise, when you complete a Post-Test Module, you will see your certificate in the Achievements section of the Course.



  1. Each Course has More Information and Additional Resources available so you can see important information and download documents that supplement the Course.



What about my previously taken courses?

  • All courses you have taken in inTEAM’s eLearning for the past school year (July 1, 2020 – January 31, 2021) have been migrated into the new eLearning system and you should see your Course Completions and Achievements in their corresponding areas within the system. Please contact inTEAM Support you seem to be missing a certificate earned THIS school year.

Will I still have access to courses from the old eLearning system?

  • No, starting in February 2021, all courses will be accessed from the new eLearning system. If you should need any historical records from prior school years, please contact inTEAM Support

Why do I only see the Civil Rights Course on my Dashboard?

  • The Civil Rights Course is the only course that is required to be taken each year. All other courses are optional and can be taken if desired. Because of this, the only course showing on your Home Dashboard is going to be the Civil Rights Course. All other courses will be located in your Content Library and you’re welcome to take any course from your Content Library at any time to assist in your professional development and receive Professional Standards hours towards a variety of different topics.

Where’s my learner transcript showing year after year course completions and total PS hours by the year?

  • Unlike the old system, this new system doesn’t have a historical record of all courses taken ever in the system. You’ll need to make sure to run an Achievement Report each year to document your course completions. While we acknowledge this is slightly more work on your part, we think the other benefits of this new system make up for that inconvenience.

Why did you change eLearning systems?

  • At inTEAM, we’re constantly striving towards making our software solutions easier to use while providing more benefits to our customers. We believe this new system will make the user experience better and will facilitate even more learning opportunities through this robust new system.

How do I get help and support for this new system?

  • You can check out our online help desk or submit a ticket to an inTEAM support agent by clicking here.
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