How do I order a meal?

In order to place an order in the Choosi app, users must be logged in. Placing a practice order will not place a real order that your schools food service department will recieve. 

Some districts and schools have Choosi Online Menus in addition to Choosi Pre-Order menus. If your school has both, you must be on the Order Tab to place an order in Choosi. Items on Breakfast and Lunch menus for display are not orderable and won't have the Grab n' Go icon: mceclip0.png

To order a Grab & Go Meal: 

  1. Click on the Order tab (if applicable)
  2. Scroll to view the options available, click on the option you would like to select
  3. Click the Customize Order button
    1. If you're not logged in yet, enter your username and password then click the Sign In button
  4. Select any Add-Ons    
  5. Select which milk you would like 
    1. If you school has designated pickup locations, select one from the list, otherwise skip this step
  6. Click the Place Order button
  7. Click the Confirm button to confirm your order for the day selected
  8. Your order has been placed. If there are other dates available for ordering, you'll be taken to the next date that you can place an order for

Note: You can verify that your order has been submitted by going to the Order menu for the day. Your order submission will be indicated with a green checkmark.

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