About the Daily Wrap Up App

Updated as of 10/2021

The Daily Wrap Up App is a mobile production records app intended to be accessed on a tablet. Through the app, site staff can:

  • View production record data
  • Adjust planned quantities
  • View recipes to prepare the days meals in the correct scaled quantities
  • Enter post production record data
  • Enter time and temperature data by menu item
  • Digitally sign and complete a production record 
  • Enter and track labor hours

All from anywhere on campus. The Daily Wrap Up App eliminates the need for staff to be at their desk on a computer entering production record data and it eliminates the need to print out production records as everything is accessed mobily and stored in the cloud. All data entered into the production record app is written back to CNCentral and compiled at the district level so program directors and other central staff can review production records at any time.   

When production data is entered into the Daily Wrap Up App, key performance indicating metrics (KPI's) can be obtained at the school and district level which provide insight into a program that cannot easily be captured when production records are printed and kept in paper format. KPI's can include (but are not limited to) meal per labor hour, average daily participation, item acceptance/popularity, etc.


Download the Daily Wrap Up app onto your tablet from the Google Play Store.

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