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inTEAM's software is a USDA certified menu compliance tool, it helps Menu Planners determine their menu compliance with the National School Lunch Program and School Breakfast Program automatically according to the regulations as set forth by the USDA for each respective program and grade grouping. While the software automatically analyzes a planned menu for compliance, it is up to the Menu Planner or Program Director to review the daily and weekly compliance statistics to make sure each planned base menu meets all of the requirements and make any changes necessary if it does not. Our software makes it extremely easy to identify when and where base menus are out of compliance for the day or the week as a whole making it simple for the Menu Planner to make the necessary changes prior to copying a base menu out to a building or buildings. 

Daily Menu Compliance

Daily menu compliance is displayed across the top of a daily base menu. Each component is a separate box and a component in compliance for the day is indicated by blue coloring. A component out of compliance for the day is indicated by red coloring and a red exclamation point. Additionally, the amount planned on the menu is displayed for comparison with the regulation minimum. Last, a day out of compliance that doesn't meet the required minimum for one or more components is indicated by a red exclamation point next to the day of the week the non-compliance is related to and a red exclamation point next to to the Compliance Check tab. 


Compliance Check

A summary of the compliance check can be found in the Compliance Check tab of a menu worksheet. You can see a summary of each day of the week and exactly which component is out of compliance and what the menu amount is. Non-compliance is indicated by red text and a red "X" mark. Additionally, a red box around the weekly total component statistics indicates non-compliance whereas a blue box indicates the weekly totals are in compliance. In the "Weekly Nutrient" and "Weekly Whole Grain Rich, Juice, Dessert, Milk Served" sections, non-compliance is indicated by a red "X" mark while compliance is indicated by a green checkmark. In the "Weekly Vegetable Sub-Groups" section, non-compliance is indicated by a red box for the corresponding sub-group and compliance is indicated by a blue box for the corresponding sub-group. 



A compliance report can be generated and downloaded by clicking on the report icon on the top right-hand side of the screen and by clicking on the "Menu Compliance Report" link. 


Meal Compliance Report Example: 


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