Administrator - Adding Items, Recipes, and Choosi Combos to Base Menus

The process flow for creating Base Menus is as follows:

  1. Addition of items to the Item Database
  2. Creation of Recipes using items in the Item Database
  3. Configuration of Choosi Combos from recipes and and items (as necessary)
  4. Creation of base menus using Items, Recipes, and Choosi Combos

Once complete, Base Menus get copied out to the Menu Calendar for buildings and building groups into specific weeks. The Menu Calendar is for production purposes and is linked to the Production Record. 

The instructions below assume Items, Recipes, and Combos have already been created in their respective modules. They also assume a base menu framework has already been created. For information about creating a base menu, click here.

Note: All District Admin (DA) users have the ability to create Base Menus and add items, recipes, and combos to them. Only Building Admin (BA) users with menu editing capabilities will be able to perform the functions detailed below.  


From a Base Menu worksheet, click the blue plus sign button on the bottom right hand side of the screen and select Advanced SearchAdd Choosi Combo, or Add New Item button.

Advanced Search -

This button allows the user to search for previously entered items and recipes in the search bar and see a list of full results matching the key word. Filters can be used to narrow if desired. When results are returned, the user will be able to select from the list and review all item information and edit as necessary before adding to the base menu.

Add Choosi Combo -

This button searches the Choosi Combos only to allow a user to add a Choosi Combo to the menu. User will enter the exact Choosi Combo name or a key word and be able to select from the returned results. All combo info will be auto-populated and user will click Add button to add it to the base menu.

Add New Item -

This button allows the user to do a quick search of previously entered items and recipes in the search bar and see a list of items/recipes that match the key word. When a selection is made, the user only be able to edit the serving size and planned numbers before adding to the base menu worksheet. Using this option, a user can also manually enter an item including all item info (serving size, meal components, nutrition information, etc.) if desired.

Note: Adding items manually is not the recommended process. 

Repeat for each item, recipe, or combo you'd like to add to your base menu. 

Hint: If you are needing to add multiple items at once to a base menu, you can change the Save & Close button to Save & Create New by clicking on the arrow icon located on the right side of the button. Save & Create New will save the item or combo the the base menu and clear the fly out window to you can enter another items/combos information. 

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