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CNCentral allows operators a quick and easy start up when beginning to use CNCentral for the first time. One of the ways this is possible is through a data upload of all purchased products with their purchase units directly into CNCentral. Importing items and item purchase units into CNCentral means an entire item database is populated with a mostly complete data set and after a quick review of those items, they are ready for use in recipes and on menus with very little further manual manipulation. 

One of the first steps when preparing to use CNCentral is to get your bid lists compiled from all vendors including primary vendors, dairy vendor, bakery, and produce. For import into CNCentral, the lists you get from your vendors should include at MINIMUM for each item:  

  • Item description - ex: Whole Grain Pretzel MINI-I/W
  • Vendor product # - ex: 12345
  • GTIN - ex: 10073321301313
    • If you can’t find product GTIN or it doesn't have a GTIN like with produce, the item can be entered as a generic item
    • GTIN's are similar to UPC codes but are always 14 digits
  • Case/Pack size - ex: 1OZ/200
  • CN Crediting (if available) - ex: 1 oz eq M/MA
  • Allergens - ex: wheat, milk, soy
  • Current price - ex: $10.00
  • Case weight (generic items only) - ex: 40 lbs

If you cannot get GTIN's from your vendor, please get all other information listed above plus a full nutrition report for every item on your bid.

Sample GTIN reports from Sysco, Labatt, Gordon Food Service, and Shamrock are attached and can be used as a reference or to provide to your vendors as an example of the data you need for import. 

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