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Choosi Choosi is an application designed to let students customize and pre-order their school breakfasts and lunches and skip the line for easy, contactless pick up (Choosi Individual Pre-Ordering). Choosi can alternately be configured to allow teachers to place bulk orders for their classrooms so meals can be prepared and delivered to the classroom, eliminating the need to students to pickup in the cafeteria or other location on campus (Choosi Bulk Pre-Ordering). 

  • Choosi can be downloaded onto a mobile device from the Google Play or Apple App Stores or can be accessed via the website at www.getchoosi.com.
  • Parents of school age children can manage their kids lunch accounts in the app (Choosi Individual Pre-Ordering).
  • Choosi menus are built and maintained in CNCentral. Menu planners simply choose how they want to configure each combo (what side items go with which entrees) and click to publish to the app.
  • It's never been easier to give kids and parents the choices and menu transparency they want! 

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