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Administrator - Implementation Tips for Choosi Success

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Choosi Implementation

It’s extremely important that a marketing plan is developed and followed through upon. If students don’t know Choosi exists, they won’t use it. Additionally, if students don’t see the value in Choosi they won’t use it either. Working to understand the problems that Choosi can solve in the school is important when considering how to market Choosi. For example, the if the school has long lines and short lunch periods making it difficult for students to get lunch in time to eat it during the lunch period, this is an excellent marketing message. Or, if students at a school tend to eat/congregate in different places around campus during lunch such as the gym or library, a Choosi pickup location can be positioned in those places and the message to students can be that now lunch is where they are. Whatever the problem that Choosi seeks to resolve is what the marketing message can and should be around. Once the message has been defined, the following list can help to generate excitement for Choosi around campus. 

Marketing to Students 

    • Offer a free bag of chips/cookie for the first couple of weeks with all Choosi orders
    • Give a coupon for a free item when you watch student’s login and place their first order
    • Schedule a free day during launch week
    • Post flyers around school (not the cafeteria) where kids congregate such as common areas, hallways, water fountains, front office, etc.
    • Make announcements over the school PA system
    • Walk around during lunch handing out Choosi business cards and explain to students how to use the app
    • Place a business card on each tray given out during lunch to students in line
    • If available, do an interview with your schools’ film team and air interview
    • Place balloons at the pickup window during launch week
  • Marketing to Parents/Schools/Staff
    • Use school marquee
    • Make announcements on the school’s social media
    • Yard signs along car line
    • Banners on school fence
    • Find groups to reach out to (PTO, SAC, etc)
    • Create pre-written copy for schools/principals to use in newsletters, emails, etc.
    • Launch a day ahead of time to staff only to allow them to try and practice
    • Create a press release to be picked up by local news
    • Email to parents from school notifying them of Choosi and how it works
  • Choosi Menus
    • Choosi is all about giving kids choices – make sure your menu has plenty of customization options
    • Make sure menus offered in Choosi are age appropriate
    • Ensure you have proper packaging for the types of meals you plan to serve (hot vs cold) and proper holding
    • Provide nutrition information and pictures for items (makes school lunch feel more like a quick service restaurant without having to leave campus)
  • Access
    • Kids prohibited from bringing smart phones to school? No problem! Set up Choosi kiosks throughout campus
    • Add the Choosi app to school tablets

What to expect

  • On launch week:
    • Most schools only get a few orders during launch week – use this time to get accustomed to pulling reports and create a workflow for putting together Choosi meals
    • Keep marketing! Choosi is still new and many students might still not know about it
  • On a weekly basis:
    • Monday’s are typically the slowest days for orders. Participation peaks in the middle of the week, then tends to drop back down on Friday
    • It can take a few weeks for students to get in the habit of ordering lunch through Choosi but once it’s habit, you’ll have committed customers
    • Refine and improve your menus using the meal rating feature

Our guarantee

  • Our Choosi representatives are committed to helping make Choosi a success in your district or school so let us know how we can help!
  • We’ll send you 2 posters and 1500 business cards to help you kick off your marketing campaign
    • The more you market the more successful Choosi will be in your school, ask us for ideas!


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