Pulling Forecast Reports

CNCentral will take the planned quantities for each building as entered from the menu worksheet and roll them up into a dynamic forecast that adjusts as the planned number of meals to prepared/served each day is updated by site managers. Reviewing your forecast will help you accurately determine exactly how much product you need to order to prepare the menu as designed by the menu planner.

Note: District Admin (DA) users will be able to run a forecast for every building within a district for the timeframe defined. This allows for accurate centralized ordering across the entire district.

Building Admin (BA) users will be able to run a forecast for only the building(s) they manage for the timeframe defined in the filters. This allows individual buildings to determine how much product they need to order if a district is setup for buildings to place their own orders. 

  1. Login to CNCentral - https://beta.cncentral.net/#/login
    1. Your username and password will be provided to you by an inTEAM consultant
  2. Click on the Forecasting Module from your right-hand side menu bar. mceclip0.png
  3. Define a date range for your forecast report and filter by building (or multiple buildings) if applicable by using the drop-down menus for each respective data input. Click Apply the Run Forecast Report button. mceclip1.png
  4. Click the reports icon on the top left-hand side of your screen to print the forecast report for the time range you’ve defined. mceclip2.png
  5. Click on the disc icon and select a file type to export this report to. Follow your computers instructions for printing. mceclip3.png

If you purchase items from multiple vendors and have multiple purchase units entered for items your items, you can change out the purchase unit directly from the Forecasting module. For instructions on swapping out purchase units from the forecast, click here

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