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The Menu Calendar is a quick and easy way for Menu Planners and Building Staff to locate and view daily menus, view and edit planned numbers, view production record status, and view production records all from a single overview screen. The menu calendar shown below defaults to showing the current month and highlights the day of the week with a yellow overlay. Each day's box shows the total planned number of meals for the day, provides a link direct to the menu or production record for the day, and shows the status of the production record (complete or incomplete). 


Details about the Menu Calendar

  • All user types (District Admins or DA and Building Admins or BA) will have access to view the menu calendar. Only Building Admins (BA's)with menu editing capabilities will be able to make edits to and create menus in the menu calendar. 
  • The Menu Calendar only displays a single buildings menus for a single meal session for a single month. Users wanting to toggle between different buildings (if DA or BA of multiple buildings) will use the filters on the top left to switch between calendar views.
  • Menus can be created right from within the Menu Calendar using the blue plus sign button and following the general process for creating new menus. From the menu calendar, users have the option to "Copy from a Base Menu", "Copy from Another Week", or "Start with a Blank Menu". 
  • Users wanting to view a list view instead of the calendar view will still have that option using the "List View" button on the top right hand side of the screen.
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