Administrator - Editing Items in the Item Database

Items searched for and added via Nourish to Flourish database come into a user's item database with manufacturer supplied information for that item. Some of this supplied data is editable and can be overwritten by a District Admin (DA) user. Some fields available never have data supplied by the manufacturer and are always fully editable by the District Admin (DA) user. 

Fields that may* come through via database search and are not editable from the Item Database Module are: 

  • Item Info Tab
    • K-12 DEX Item Name
    • Brand Name
    • Manufacturer
    • GTIN
    • Marketing Message
    • Ingredients
    • Country of Origin
  • Nutrients & Meal Components Tab
    • Serving Size Description
    • Weight and/or measure (one or the other is required by the manufacturer, both may appear)
    • Nutritional information
    • CN Label Number
  • Purchase Options Tab 
    • Serving Size
    • Nominal Net Weight
    • # Servings in One Pount
    • Net Weight as Served

Available fields for data entry that are fully editable are: 

  • Item Info Tab
    • Menu Item name
    • Choosi Display Name (overwrites the Item Name in Choosi and on printed menus when data is entered into this field)
    • District Code
    • Ingredient Only flag
    • Manufacturer Product ID (Item must be added to Item Database after a search and then this becomes editable)
    • GPC Classification (Appears read only but can be changed using the Change GPC Classification link)
    • Item Image
  • Nutrients & Meal Components tab
    • Meal Components
    • Allergens
    • CN Label Expiration Date
    • CN Label Image
  • Purchase Options Tab
    • Item Name
    • Vendor Item Name
    • Pack size
    • Purchase Unit GTIN
    • Vendor product ID
    • Procurement Category
    • District ID
    • Price
    • Inventory Units
    • Purchase Units
    • Net Weight
    • Inventory Units in One Purchase Unit
    • # Servings in One Purchase Unit
    • # Servings in One Inventory Unit

*Data not supplied by a manufacturer will appear as blank, editable fields. Some data supplied by the manufacturer will not be editable.

To add information into an open or editable field in the local item database: 

  1. From the Item Database, click on the item name or click on the additional details menu (three dots icon) and click the [Edit] button
  2. Enter data into any editable field or overwrite existing data in editable fields
  3. Click the Save button to save changes as you move through the tabs or click the Save & Close button to save all changes and close out the item details page

The following video tutorial reviews how to edit items in the item database: 

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