Sample Vendor Letter Requesting List of Items

This article contains a sample letter that you may adapt and send to your vendor asking them for the information that is required to upload and setup items within the system.  This report may be referred to as a Velocity Report, but your vendor may have another name for it.  You may also ask them to send you a full catalog of items on their bid, although that may contain items that you're not using.  

Vendor Item Letter Request 

Dear (Vendor Contact Name),

Our district is working with inTEAM to incorporate GTINs/UPCs in our operation as a way to streamline how we obtain product information. This will assist us in our USDA K-12 audit reviews, procurement, and management of product data and changes, and will allow us to electronically receive product specifications directly from the manufacturer as well as updates when changes are made.

Below is a list of the attributes that we need for each the products that we have ordered over the past 12 months as we prepare for this process. The most crucial attributes have been marked with an asterisk (*), but the other attributes are helpful, especially if a GTIN or UPC is not available.  

  • *Vendor Product ID
  • *Item Name/Description
  • Pack Size
  • *GTIN or UPC
  • Brand Name and/or Mfr Name
  • Mfr Product ID
  • *Net Weight (Lbs.)
  • Price of the Pack

We would want this in Excel format.  If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us. You may also contact inTEAM as and let them know that you're working with us and they can advise directly on what is needed.  Thank you

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