Search Catalog

Search Catalog

Every vendor catalog provided will have the ability to be searched. Adding items from the Catalog gives the perspective from a procurement view. You can search the catalog to find the items you want to use and add to your local database. These items are already set up and matched.

To view contracted items, start by selecting the 

  1. Vendors Module on the left-hand side 
  2. Select a Vendor
  3. Items Tab
  4. Select the [+] plus button and Search Catalog


Select the specific procurement category. Items are grouped and matched by the GPC Classification to help filter the results. By clicking on the name of the item you can see the product information from GDSN, Nutrients, Serving Size, and any information that the manufacturer has uploaded about the product. To add the item to your local database, select the 3 Dots and Add Item. In the Notes section, any item already in your database will show. Also, in that section, you may see a Brown Box Icon, which will show a donated value.


At times some information about an item may be missing from the manufacturer. This will require you to complete/add the missing information before adding the item to your local database. 

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