Base Menu Pre-Costing

This article assumes Vendors have been set up and Menu Items have been added.  The purpose of this article is to provide instructions on how to complete Pre-Costing for Base Menus. If every item on the Base Menu has a price each day on the Base Menu you will see the Average Cost Per Meal.

Note: In the current version, Sub Recipes will appear with a list of ingredients, pricing can be added to the ingredients to calculate the Average Cost per Meal.

1. Start by selecting the Base Menu Module on the left side navigation. Then select the Base Menu you want to preview the Average Cost Per Meal.


2. If any pricing is missing from an item, the Average Cost Per Meal will display in blue Item Cost Missing


3. Select Item Cost Missing, which will display the Average Cost Per Meal pop-out window. Locate the Item(s) that have a Missing Value notification. Click on the blue Missing Value. 


4. The Menu Item Purchasing Option will display Vendor choices to add pricing. 


Note: If a menu item has multiple purchase units or vendors, the default purchase unit and vendor are used. This can be changed by selecting the Vendor of choice

5. Click on the three dots next to the vendor you would like to add a price to, and then select Edit.


6. On the General Info Tab Select [+Add Price]


7. Select whether the item is on a Contract, Effective Date, and Price. Select Save and Close.


8. Also verify the inventory is correctly set up. Select the Inventory Setup to review the information and/or make the necessary changes. 


9. Click on Save in the top right-hand comer of the Item page. Then select the Base Menu Module on the left-hand navigation panel to get back to the Base Menu that was being viewed. Once all Missing Costs have been corrected, once returning to the Base Menu displayed will be the Average Cost Per Meal.


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