Adding Items from Catalogs

This article assumes the Vendor and Contract have previously been configured. Adding items from the Catalog gives the perspective from a procurement view. You can search the catalog to find the items you want to use and add to your local database. These items are already set up and matched, adding from the Catalog is best to do to when "shopping" for an item, this is not intended to be the primary way to upload items. 

1. To view contracted items, start by selecting the Vendors Module on the left-hand side then the Vendor.


2. Select the Items Tab, [+] sign then Search Catalog.


3. The Catalog will open, in addition to filtering by procurement category, you can change contracts for a single vendor. You can add a item to you Local Database by selecting the 3 dots to the right of the item and selecting Add Item. A Checkmark to the right of an item indicates the item is already in your local database. Hovering over a brown box in the notes column will show the donated value.


4. You will do this for all items you want to add directly from the Catalog



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