About GDSN Connect


Operators have struggled for years to build and then try to maintain integrated supply chain technology. On paper, integrated software systems make sense, reaching from the point of sale to procurement, production, and inventory to financials and state agency reporting.  However, in the real-world, finding, entering, and maintaining accurate product information within these software applications is a significant burden.

‌To help overcome this burden and simplify school nutrition management, inTEAM has launched GDSN Connect, which provides operators with direct access to up-to-date, accurate, and comprehensive product specifications from the Nourish to Flourish Database of products from hundreds of brands, USDA, and other sources.

GDSN Connect is the first supply Chain data sharing tool to electronically compile standardized product data for Administrative Reviews, Bid Specifications, Easy Setup Wizard, and Data Export to Existing Software, into a single unified database to make current product specifications just a click away for over 185,000 items. More information about GDSN connect can be found here. Sign into GDSN Connect here.

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